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Ready for MORE? Enroll now for Tru School Study UNIT 1: One Passage Away! Genesis 2:4-3:24.

There will be four Tru School Study UNITS: “One Passage Away!” 7 lessons each. The first one will be on Genesis 2-3!

Lessons take 15-20 minutes. “Like The Eden Podcast in length, in level of study, in joy of discovery."

Get the tools and equip others to spread the truth of the Tru316 message in Key Passage Number One from Genesis 2-3.

Seven weeks. $73.16 (Seventy plus 3.16) First complete the basic 4-lesson Study UNIT. Then dive into two lessons that focus on the deeper details. Finally, attend the 30-90 minute Zoom Question and Answer Session.

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Tru School Course: "Just One Verse Away!"

What is NOT said in Genesis 3:16?

What IS said in Genesis 3:16?

When Genesis 3:16 is clear the other passages become clear!

In the Garden of Eden God didn't curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way! What we call the Tru316 is the correct translation of Genesis 3:16 based on God's 11 Hebrew words.

As it turns out, once Genesis 3:16 is made clear all the other passages become clear.

This Course from the Tru316 Project is the one to take if you've

- listened to The Eden Podcast

- read The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3

- been troubled by bad translations

Let's go! The translations should do better. Sermons, books songs and more should be doing better! With this course you take the next step to a Tru316!

What People Are Saying:

What we read in our modern translations doesn't match the Hebrew words God inspired for us. Extra ideas have polluted God's clear message. These studies clear that up for us!

Mike Huston, Cascade Idaho

Studying the courses at TruSchool is where I learn the details. Here I master the passages for myself so I can pass them along to others.

Susannah T from Indiana