Make the surprising discoveries you were not told in church! Learn the Tru316 Message that "God didn't curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way."

Bruce C. E. Fleming

Hi, I'm Bruce C. E. Fleming

Founder of Tru316 Project

This is my Story

In my late teens I began speaking in youth groups around my area. I had a handful of messages I developed. I refined them till the worked well. Then, no matter what verse I was asked to speak on, I managed to work my way to one of my core talks. In doing so, I trampled over a lot of those verses I was asked to speak on. But that was all I knew to do.

Then I began seminary studies after college. My roommates were frustrated how I ran roughshod over the messages of the passages I studied. Finally in my second year I had my Aha! I learned to let the passages speak to me and I began to pass on those messages.

Once my wife, Dr. Joy Fleming, showed me the true message of Genesis 3:16 I have spent much of my life focusing on the seven key passages on women and men. I'd like to teach them to you. You won't have to learn Hebrew and Greek. You will have to study a bit. I invite you to start with the Mini Course "One verse Away" or go directly to "The Eden Course."

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Once Genesis 3:16 is clear the other passages become clear.

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